How To Create a Blog

How to create a blog , there are actually many different ways and for many different purposes that you can create a blog. In this article we are going to go over the several different ways 2 create a blog and what platform makes the most sense for you and your purpose your blog. Starting a blog can be fun exciting yet also somewhat challenging if you don’t have a good guide follow.

How to create a blog

I am going to go over the following 3 number one how to start a blog for free and Fa free blog is right for you number 2 how to start a mr. Block butt is also one that you pay a monthly fee for and number 3 a hosted blog slash attraction marketing System which Sears for more serious marketers in certain industries like brick sales network marketing and MLM or Multi-level  Marketing.

So first let’s talk about how to create a blog for free and we are going to go over the two most popular blog platform for that which is a WordPress free blog and Blogger  which is owned by Google. If your just wanting a fun blog that you share stuff with family & friends & your not using it for business a free blog is ok, blogger would be the easiest to use & fastest way to get one up followed by WordPress Which is way more complex but has more features plug-ins ect. I highly highly don’t recommend a free blog when you can get a hosted blog for about $10 per month

How to create a blog on a hosted server? In this case you pay a monthly hosting fee approximately  $10 per month & you will then want to install WordPress, it’s a very simple process & the hosting company walks you through it. I use Hostgator & for one low monthly fee I can create unlimited blogs. I have also created a whole blog on video to help you along the way just go to the discount blog setup home page.

How to create a blog for network marketing, mlm, direct sales industry.

Setup Your Blog

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